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Re: Trump is not our friend

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The "Ruskies" explains why Palosi said we need to pass this legislation so we can see what is in it.....

It was still being translated for her.

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And that do nothing president obama..... it was all the russians...... 


The only thing I believe it that our politicians are lazy enough to let someone else do the work.... or hire them....

Lets audit Russian political donations........ and see who is financing Puttin.




few see what got trump elected, not just a condecending fool for an aponent ......  IMO --- he appeared to be carrying the least political debt... financially and personally..... the anti political candidate won.... and will next time.  

Diane F. just got a real political favor by not getting the california democratic endorcement...... she has a better chance of winning again.  

And the circus goes on because the news agencies are fighting for survival for their overbearing political positions.

The dumber and dumber news casts are ripe for political satire humor.  If there is an audience left for that.

Like the oscars....they won't ever know when the audience left.

Look for the midterms to be another round of political backlash.