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Re: Trump is not our friend

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c span carried the weapons discussion of house leaders and trump........ i listened.... trump found things to agree with on both sides and things that won't be in legislation were addressed .  He managed to offend everyone a little and NRA a lot, but found things that would work and agreed that the type of weapon used should not be available in the public as much as it is...... It was an hour of encouragement for me where most of the time was spent without the political hogwash we see on the news...


289....... I don't buy a ticket until the pot gets over 150 million.... I'm hoping for one more JD combine in my lifetime..... I'm tired of shuffling bad financial statements for these loosers we send to washington........ and one other thing...


Americans vote pretty soundly.... seldom does anyone get elected to senate or presidential offices without drawing votes from both parties...


But Americans stink when it comes to is our donations that have built this "party" mess in washington.   We are so stupid thinking we can make a difference with a check or some cash to the hobo or the Party hobo.