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Re: Trumps budget impact on rural america

Smiley Happy  I`ll pass on the pork, but the scrambled eggs sound good.   I know there`s a problem in farming now, but it`s on the input cost side.  If you look at a historical grain price chart, not that long ago we would`ve been happy as a Lark with these prices.  There`s a old joke about a recession is when your neighbor loses his job and when you lose your job then it`s a depression...well farming is in a recession right now, farmers think they will make it "but boy I`m sure worried about my neighbor...hmmm I wonder if I can pick up some land if he goes broke Smiley Indifferent  ?" 


I don`t know where all the money comes from with these farmers, I think it`s outside money from a car dealership or a construction business where they farm part time for a tax loss...I do know if farm country solely relied on money from growing and selling commodities there would be a lot older and beatup pickups around here...I know, because I`m struggling and I don`t have a main business selling cars. 


There`s old money around where the guy inherited a 240 in 1970 and got married to a gal that was given a 160 and if they didn`t make big mistakes, they probably have a networth north of $15 million and their golden boy son steps right into that...well they got it good, they worked hard but they had a good start and if their combine broke, they make a phone call and they have a new one running.  They got a broker that buys puts and calls and that crap so they always sell at a good price.  They probably are looking at this down turn as a buying opportunity that isn`t coming quickly enough.   I don`t think any of them are enthused about a farm program that bails anyone out. 


Everybody has a gimmick, my gimmick is to batten down the hatches and just don`t spend until the wind stops and the Sun comes out.  I don`t see anyone helping me other than that good looking guy in the mirror    Smiley Happy

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