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Re: Trumps budget impact on rural america

Hey SW, if the public would back me (they won`t so this is all moot) in one hour I could write a farm bill that would have payment limitations and help the right farmers.  The details might vary from state to state and even county to county, but for illustration purposes it would go something like this: On an average Iowa farm, the farmer would receive a $20,000 check with no strings on his first 100 acres.  He or she could use that $20,000 to live off or buy crop insurance to farm 10,000 acres  or whatever they want it would come every year and be theirs to keep.  The 100,000 acre farmer would get $20,000 and not one cent more, the 50 acre farmer would be pro-rated and get $10,000.


What you would get is a uptick in 100 acre farmers  Smiley Happy   I think a neat thing would be if a 300 acre older farmer wanted to go down to 100 acres, he could setup his 2 factory worker sons into farming by giving  them each 100 of his acres.  Who knows, if they live cheap that $20,000 + the 100 acre production might be all they need to be full-time farmers  Smiley Happy   Of course rules would have to be put in place so the Bigshots wouldn`t set up their hired men, nephews, nieces that live in Aruba and family pets as "farmers" to collect the check...that is where most of the hour would go in writing this farm bill to stop the crooks. 


But there you go, that would not be a "cheap food policy" farm bill, it also wouldn`t be a farmbill for a Bigshot that wants to farm in 12 counties and 13 states.  But it would actually keep families on the farm, just like every farm bill written has been sold to the public.  The public would have to go along with the nostalgia of smaller sustainable farms, the last little bit of that was milked out of the public 25yrs ago.  But it actually would revitalize rural communities, the boarded up storefronts on mainstreet would once again have a customer base.


Some that tour Europe report back that, there are small farms in some countries where they might have 50 acres and a dozen sows and 20 head of cattle.  They`ve got new tractors and nice machinery and neat little farms, the government sends them money to plant flowers to impress the tourist`s fairytale idea of farmlife.   But many recalled starving during WWII, so they take care of their farmers, but I`m sure that generation died off.  And now you hear of Bigshot operations over there too now.      

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