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Trumps budget impact on rural america

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Looking over things quickly, I think I can say that Trumps impact on rural America will be significant...I'll try to hit the high points.


Department of Agriculture cut by 21%, that is the 3ed highest cut, following EPA and the U.S. State department.

from staff cuts to program cuts, to cuts even to food programs.


Department of Transportation....elimination of the program for rural commercial flights

                                                    a $499 million dollar cut in transportation programs, which would include funds

                                                    that help rural counties provide transportation to people needing transportation,

                                                     including dialysis, cancer treatment, and general transportation

                                                     elimination of new transportation programs....some of which are rural


Arts and Culture       Eliminates all funds for the endowment for the arts and endowment for the humanaties

                                 Elimination of funding for musiums and librarys programs

                                 Elimination of funding for the corp for public broadcasting, which includes npr, public televisin

                                  (many rural area's public television receives most of their funds to operate from here)...

                                  such programs as iowa public television's "Market to Market", receives funding.


State       cuts in the world bank some of our ag sales are funded


Labor       eliminates the senior community service employment program....used by some agencies to provide services

                 to seniors in rural areas (since it has a high number of seniors), and helps low income seniors with jobs

                 was also used to help some displaced farmers in the last agriculture crisis


justice       cuts funding levels that they pay local counties to house immigration cases


Interior      eliminates funding to all national historic sites


Housing and Urban Development   eliminates the community development block grant program (used by rural communities)


Dept of Homeland Security   Huge cut to grants to states and local governments including grants for predisaster mitigation


Health and Human Services   Decrease in funding for training of health professionals........fewer doctors for rural areas


Education   many funds diverted to private schools.....most schools in rural areas are public, any students lost to private

                    will cause rural districts to lose money

                    also loss in funds for developing new teachers and  "head start" programs


commerce   elimination of economic development administration---grants to struggling communities


Agriculture   elimination of the McGovern-Dole food program

                     elimination water and wastewater loan and grant program (failed septic systems ?)  cost share for water wells ?


I'll hold off on my "thoughts".....but I think I can say "very very bad"



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