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Try to be 5% better farmer to survive.

I read in a competitor`s publication about to improve yields 5%, improve your selling price 5% and cut your inputs 5%.   On the face of it, that sounds overly simplistic, but in the current environment we need base hits.  Mother Nature bats last on whether you achieve 5% better or 50% lower yields, but paying attention to your planter can improve yields 5% and only cost you your time if Mother is in a agreeable mood.  On selling price, if you sold a average price of $4 corn in 2018, first of all you`re lucky, but to be 5% better when corn hits $4.20 scale up sales aggressively that`s all it takes to be 5% better. 


On inputs, cutting 5% might be tougher if you`ve been cutting to the bone last 3 years, true a landlord might come out of the blue and voluntarily reduce your rent 20% but don`t count on it  Smiley Happy  Seed didn`t go down and if you didn`t lock in early you didn`t get the 13% early bird discount.  But like I say, cutting inputs 5% is the most challenging of the 3 in my opinion.