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Re: Try to be 5% better farmer to survive.

Blacksand, good buddy nice to heard from you.  Yes, I too need the off farm income as the "third leg" of the stool.  Farming takes care of itself, my Wife`s income covers insurance and living expenses and my off farm income catches cell phone bills, internet, fuel bills, vehicle bills and maybe a "date night tab".  Without it, my Wife`s income and the farm`s income would be stretched too thin and I`m afraid there`d be credit card balances.  


I don`t know if there ever would be a extended period of prosperity in`s like if you`re following someone on a curving road and they are going 50mph, too slow to follow and too fast to safely pass.  Soon there are 9 cars behind this guy and invariably some idiot will pull out to pass, expecting that someone will let him in if there`s a oncoming car.   Somebody always let`s him in and maybe he passes 3 cars at a time or all 9 cars, he gets it done and is rewarded for his stupidity.   So long as "Darwin`s law" doesn`t catch up to guys like that,they will be passing 9 cars on a curve at a crack or bidding the profitability out of farming.   


It doesn`t matter who`s in the White House....well maybe a socialist would tax the profitability out of all of us  Smiley Happy  But what if farming, no matter how big you are is at a place now where you can just figure it will take care of itself?  If you want clothes and food, you`ll have to have a off-farm gig to pay for that. 


They tell me strip till farming is the secret sauce yields so high that they won`t tell you, cause you won`t believe `em anyway  350 bushel per acre shhhh    well even a bottom third marketer will gross over $1000 per acre.


Here`s a link to the Maximum Farming model