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Re: Try to be 5% better farmer to survive.

great to see a black sand entry again...


It is without a doubt "tough times"..........and If we need someone to blame we can blame all three last three socialist presidents since georges daddy.  "No one left behind"........  That is 24 years of "grow the government" socialism and it will take decades if not a century to survive the damage.


I have chosen to agree with blacksand this year and stop spending time on land that seldom pays, so we let go of leases that were over priced, we renegotiated the ones we wanted to keep(by offering a change and a future) and we made one more short term decision.  At least for us and our position (for now), corn is too expensive to grow.  There are just too many middle men who have put both feet in the pie.

If we can raise 300 bushel corn and it still costs 290 bushel of corn to pay the bills....... the profit doesn't insure the risk.... Corn is just carrying too many chemical companies, data thieves, property taxes, and demon merchants to sell for anything usda(taxpayer) wants to support.  So for this year we will raise something with less risk and suffering.  We will show a profit thinking about other directions to go............more cows.......crops that have a chance to pay for the labor.

The bureaucracy will take that statement and tell us "look at that ,,,less acres yields will go up"


Blacksand it heartened me to see your name on an entry...... now that I have read through your post.......... Still feel the same...Missed ya.