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Re: Try to be 5% better farmer to survive.

And big chem will still hold those  buddy buddy meetings with only the big producers.  Offering cheap inputs and a long term position in their grower pool one of ours and give us your data, so we can use it to control you and world food supply.  


neither them or usda will rebuild a levee or a road.


But my decision is not bitterness.  It is just reality.... I am nearly convinced that grain markets will not be allowed to get out of control again.  But that is not the problem..... The expenses are ratcheted higher than wishing is going to fix.... 


1.  Our socialist congress and liberal courts are not going to allow competition in our economy again.

2.  No new herbicide changes ......... we keep reblending the worn out 60's and 70's formula's..... the public fools keep cheering for zero chemical use...  This destroys one of the legs of the economic stool for grain production.

3.  Killing animals for meat is demonized in most every classroom and disney film.  And soilent "new" green is being developed and test marketed to rave reviews in the moron press.  Wendy's and MD are test marketing it --(giving in to the political pressure)  It has demand destruction in its heart for big corn.  This goes after another leg of the economic stool for grains.   Dairy tucks itself in here somewhere with obvious low demand in the grocery......based on price....and extreme concentration in production is viewed as abusive.  Our kids congregate in the carousel for a ballgame but our cows are brutalized by one.

Soda without corn sweetners is considered superior at the check out stand and in advertising...

4.  The ethanol failure ...... did not fail.....our socialist congress continues to struggle with this problem and view it now as an "encouragement" to fossel fuels and a benefit to red meat.

5......The cheapest producer sets the price, in a global market controled by the international corporate cartels ... We in the US are not the cheapest producers.    The US faces a serious reality .... It can either invade Brazil and acquire cheap food production by power or idle its production and borrow itself into history, agriculturally......... Or learn how to store grain again and market a quality product.  But why would the money folks in the US want to store something they love to hate.

6  And finally ----- the beer market demonizes the use of corn sweeteners.


No amount of education is going to correct the subversive "education" that is controlled by 60's drug loving fools..


So I think grains are going to struggle until Americans are trying to trade a deed to a section of farm land in Ks for two good used tires, 20 gallons of gas, and three bags of groceries.  Just as they did just a short 82 years ago.

We will see 

"Not making a choice is often the worst choice we make."