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Re: Try to be 5% better farmer to survive.

I suppose 25yrs ago those that would travel to Europe would report back "small 100 acre farms, picturesque cows grazing on hillsides, flowers planted next to the cobblestone roads and brand new Massey Ferguson and Ford tractors all over the junk!".  What the traveler would explain is "they remember WWII and what it was to starve, so they really take care of their farmers, pay them to plant flowers for tourists if nothing else". 


Well, if you go on You Tube the Europeans have bigger newer machinery than we do and huge swaths of land.   I would guess what happened is those that remember staring in WWII died like over here and the youngsters let the Bigshots take over, probably even more so than here.  But look at who`s gotten elected to congress here, the AOC`s, it isn`t Marcia Brady`s country anymore.  Gen X had "power" for awhile, now it`s the Millennials getting to be 40, well they never missed a meal, wasn`t taught history and hate their MAGA grandparents.


Some in the Farm Bureau think we have to recognize this and appease that generation by cutting fert & chem and no-tilling.   Trouble is, they are so many generations removed from agriculture I don`t know if there`s any educating them, giving them a 2 hour farm tour won`t erase 20 years of indoctrination.  I`m afraid we need a multiple year worldwide drought and some empty grocery store shelves...but oh yeah "global warming".  I`m sure they have that covered.  Smiley Happy


But here`s some European Bigshots chopping silage, they got em over there too.