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Re: Try to be 5% better farmer to survive.

worst part is BA  ----- This population will never admit the hoax they just went through was really just a political scam.......... How on earth will they ever figure out there is a place in our economy for most everything they demonize on the way to political power.  IE ...fossil fuels.  red meat, or corn byproducts, or ........... for me it is the litmus test for new ideas "If something else has to be demonized to make a new idea popular it is just a scam."  Good ideas will succeed on their own.


millennials --- I give them a bigger pass.  Fact I kind of feel sorry for them..... The 60's hate and demonize crowd has left them with a legal system so constrictive and narrow that they won't be allowed to change direction or think for themselves.  Most of them are smarter than a newly elected congressperson.  But won't be allowed to live or think independently.  Even going off the grid will be a path paved with environmental fog.  ---- Millennials remind me of a Ukrainian friend that was educated under USSR.  He is bright and a great student..... but has spent half his life trying to figure out which things he believes are true and false, knowing he was taught lies  ...... millennials(and younger) are caught in a similar circumstance.  Being taught unproven theories and not taught how to formulate and test theories.  They don't know the theorems behind a science calculators function-- so they don't know how to tell when the answers are wrong.  Expand that to computer modeling and they only have a choice to "believe" what they are told.  


I climbed through a B-24 yesterday and watched friends fly in one.... interviewed a friend at coffee this morning who sat in the rear gun turret for 20+ missions in 1944-45.  Some Russians think that the US mass production of planes, trucks, tanks, etc in the 40's is the greatest feat by humans in history. ----- just B-24's alone were cranked out at over 12 per day ---365 days per year----with the technology of a slide rule and a good cheap education. ----- Our young people won't accomplish much after the electricity goes out or the Chinese stop supporting the software.

Both exciting and very difficult times these days