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Types Of Auctions

Did you know of all these kinds of auctions?  which have you participated in?  Which is like lobbying in politics?  Of course, most are not types we are likely to use, but they are interesting.  Ever been in a Reverse Auction?

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Re: Types Of Auctions

Jim, I'll have to read that Wiki article when  get off lthe road ater today.  Just checking e-mail and such, before hauling off to a land auction on the courthouse steps in VA. 


Adjoining parcel to Mike's farm is up for back taxes.  I've been learning the differences between this process in VA and NC the last day or so.  We bought one from a back tax sale down here a couple of years back, but from its eventual buyer at private sale at a later date. 


There are all sorts of odd terms involved, so I called an attorney friend to explain one or two to me this morning.  Sad to see a fmiuly losing land this way, and we don't really want it...but, don't want to let it go to a problem owner for a song, either. 


As always, thanks for the link. 

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