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Re: U.S. Bridges and Roads report card

I would support raising the federal fuel tax, if we consume about 200 billion gallons a year, one dime/gallon would raise $20 billion per yr or $200 billion by 2025.  That with incentives to states with matching funds to also do state projects.  $2 Trillion is a big pill to swallow and should`ve been addressed 10 yrs ago, but the quicker we get at it the better.   If we all pulled together (not bloody likely) and used the shale oil dividend that caused gas to drop $1 and taxed gas $1 we could meet the $2 Trillion in 10yrs and not put it on Uncle Sam`s credit card.  If gas is $2.20, a $1 tax would be $3.20...we`ve paid a lot more not that long ago and thought it`d never go down. But that won`t happen, best to hope for is do what we can, a dime and do it on the cheap, doing the worst first.