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Re: U.S. Bridges and Roads report card

This  is  latest  NEWS  -  wow who wouldA  thought - from eXperts  even ---


Along  with  fuel  tax  increase mAAAybe  we  could  claw  the  federal  highway  funds that  have  been  shifted  the  past  20+  years  into  the  appropriate  side  of  the  ledger---


Federal  Highway  Use  tax  on  class 8's  has  been  in effect  since 1990's - form '''  2290 '''  of  $550  per  power  unit  with a  $200,000  cap ---  @  3.5+ million trucks registered annually which should calculate to $1,925,000,000.  +  


Federal tax on over the road diesel  .24.4/ gal  - x 20,000 gal  =  @ $4880.oo  per unit  say for easy figuring 3 million units =   $14,640,000,000.oo 

Fed Excise on gas                            .18.4          x    1,000 gal  =          1800.oo                                          100,000,000 units=  $180,000,000,000.oo

 Fed Ex  on Jet fuel     ,04.4   x  ???? 


WERE' Z   the  beef    orrrr  some  elected  experts  have some  XpLaining  to do