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Re: U.S. Bridges and Roads report card

Speaking for Iowa, our roads and bridges are good as the best and better than the rest relatively, although there`s always room for improvement and maintenance is an ongoing required expense.  We increased our state tax a dime and that was very much needed.  I think you have a point SW, that a lot of this really terrible road and infrastructure is in the big urban areas like New York, New Jersey and California, they`ve spent their road money on do-gooder liberal crap and now want bailed out on their crumbling bridges and pothole infested roads. Any federal money spent would only be seen in those areas.


But this is another cost of a growing population, see all this legal and illegal immigration somehow wasn`t pulling their weight on on providing revenue to fix the extra road pounding that the Walmart trucks do to keep the extra groceries and trinkets on the shelves.  Just drive through the rat maze that is the Minneapolis/St Paul area all the mix masters and bumper to bumper going 20 mph hour over the speed limit or sitting stalled at the wrong times.


In the olden days trains, every town was on a rail, now most of the rail lines been tore up and trucks do the hauling, well that`s a lot of road pounding that wasn`t done 60 yrs ago and there was 100 million less population.