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Re: U.S. Bridges and Roads report card

In Germany, they are forever working on roads and the roads are very good.  But, Germany is a country of about 100,000,000 in an area the size of Montana.  The U.S. has a totally different geography.  

As several have pointed out, it seems that tax funds get raided for every purpose except the one it was sold to the public on.  The tobacco taxes were supposed to help those with lung cancer.  Did it?  No, it went into the general fund.  The mind boggles.  Why do we believe that users fees will be spent as assessed?


Who should pay for roads?  Those who use them?  That might be a pretty hefty fee for farmers to pay for the upkeep of a mile of chip seal that they can't define the standards of.  Those who benefit?  That would be everyone.  Split it evenly or charge some more than others?  Maybe we should go to toll roads so the crooks can rip us off.


It's enough to make one weep.