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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

UAS (Drone) Use In Arrest

North Dakota authorities borrowed a drone from the Department of Homeland Security and used it to locate a suspect in a case of stolen cattle and defying the sheriff.  It's the frist case known to feature an arrest based on use of UAS. 

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Re: UAS (Drone) Use In Arrest

Suppose this is one of those things where we could say that unless you have something to hide, having a spying eye won't offend you but so much.  (I am reminded that USDA won't give you an aerial anymore, unless you own of have proof of a valid lease, right?) 


This essentially moves overhead espionage into realtime virtually anywhere.  Satellites can probably see almost as much;but, not on the same timelines and under much more localized control.  Most people aren't nearly as concerned about strangers knowing their business than they are about their neighbors knowing it. 


A victim of crime would want the authorities to be able to look at his predator in any way possible.  The downside is, of course, further erosion of personal privacy and peace of mind.  Any tool can be re-purposed as a weapon. 


This smacks of the Patriot Act and its blanket authority to violate our private lives.  If those had been my cattle, probably would not bother me all that much.  I've known people who recovered stolen property after hiring a small plane for aerial search...not new as far as perspective goes, but less expensive, I am sure. 

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