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US House still weighing next move on farm bill

Update on the Farm Bill. I think they will just extend the current Farm Bill another year. Actually a good thing, it will allow us to keep the $48/acre the Taxpayer gives us to pay for our Crop Insurance and the $20/acre in Direct Subsidies we get for a total of $68/acre.This is a $120,000+ per year just for my small to medium sized Iowa Corn and Soybean Operation, so the $68/acre Taxpayer help in paying for our inputs to grow a crop does add up. Remember, I don't make the rules, I just follow them.




US House still weighing next move on farm bill


The U.S. House has not determined its next step after the Republican-led chamber voted last week not to approve a new five-year, $500 billion farm bill.

“There are a lot of conversations about the farm bill and a way forward,” Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, told reporters on Thursday.” There have been no decisions.”

The House farm bill was defeated, 195-234, largely because of proposed changes to the country’s popular food stamp program used by 48 million Americans. Some Republicans have said the estimated $2 billion in annual cuts to the program are not enough, while Democrats said they were too steep. The full Senate, which passed its bill earlier this month, reduced the program by $400 million each year.

A handful of options remain on the table for the House. They could vote on a bill passed by the the House Agriculture Committee in May, make changes to the bill that failed last week or take up the Senate bill. Analysts and lobbyists believe the most likely outcome, however, will be an extension of the current farm law, despite steadfast opposition from top leaders in the Senate.