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USDA Proposed 2014 Budget


 USDA funding, like other agencies of the federal government, will have less money to spend due to efforts to control the budget deficit. The annual budget is designed to implement policy, which is set by the Farm Bill, and that proposed budget will be set by Congress when a new Farm Bill is approved. The annual appropriation for USDA attempts to reflect the will of Congress, cross pollinated with the needs of the public as determined by USDA administrators. Most of the programming is maintained from year to year, but 8% of the 2013 budget was cut to establish the funding guideline for the 2014 budget."



" Of all funds proposed for administration under USDA, 72% are for nutrition assistance, 15% for farm and commodity programs, 6% are for conservation and forestry, and all other spending makes up 6% of the budget. With the Federal government budgeting over a 10 year horizon, the USDA budget proposes a $38 billion savings over the next 10 years, had budget trends been allowed to continue."


Best to read the one pager.

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