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Senior Advisor

USDA math !!

Sonny must be slipping.  According to

A story in SF website, when went down

Due to improved crop conditions

Before report 11% good to excellent with

55% poor to very poor




13% good to excellent, 49% poor to

Very poor


OK what about the 34% before

And the 38% after latest report ??


One must ask the question, with wheat

Prices this low and continue to fall,

And almost HALF the crop in poor to

Very poor this market

Linked to reality ??


Maybe things are worse than we thought,

34-38% of the crop missing ??


Aliens ???



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Veteran Advisor

Re: USDA math !!

Not aliens, elcheapo, Russians, Australians and others who grow wheat.  Like Dorothy said, "we ain't in Kansas anymore".  No Yellow Brick Road for wheat growers when the world has more wheat than it wants.

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Senior Advisor

Re: USDA math !!

The U.S only produces 10% or less of the worlds wheat. Drought conditions in Kansas and Oklahoma don't mean much when world wheat stocks are plentiful.

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