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Re: USDA office closures -- how will they affect you?

Cannot say if our local county offices are affected, but none are within twenty miles of ours, so maybe we are okay.  Is there a list of closings that I missed attached to the story, or can you link us to one? 


Sounds like USDA must have retained Bain to downsize it.  It does make one wonder how the Postal Service and USDA downsizing, plus military RIF to 490,000, which I heard on NPR yesterday, will affect the overall employment numbers. 


It is hard to argue that an extra twenty-miles on the drive to the FSA a couple times every year is ponderous.  I would expect that some e-alternatives could make an even greater impact, eventually.  As grassfarmers and conservation farmers, with some farms out of state, and where our "crops" don't change from year to year, I do the majority of mine by mail anyway. 


FSIS is an interesting place to cut, but I imagine there was a lot of redundancy.  With rapid courier services, consolidating labs makes some sense. 


A ten percent cut in budget is a good start.