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USDA works on carbon sequestration and management

The USDA has a public comment period on a proposal to work on ways to measure and manage carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.  The program may  result in voluntary guidelines for farmers to use.  I suspect these will become what is known as "bst management practices" which we can all be happy to follow.

I think this is a collosal waste of time and money, but then, I'm old.

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Re: USDA works on carbon sequestration and management

God help us, this is an ever-widening interpretation of regulaitions that were never meant to be applied to agriculture.   It will unleash a hopelessly complex wad of horse manure, just like most regs that EPA devises to justify its own existence. 

Keep in mind that quantification is the first step to setting allowable quotas and then restricting them further.  I've taken the climb from BMPs to complex and nervewracking rules, inspections, and "permits" to farm in finite amounts. 

It is not a good thing. 

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