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Utilization of Blockchain technology in Farming sales/marketing

Good day to everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has used blockchain tech in any form in their farm marketing. I have been researching in it for quite few days, one of the sources says that the growth rate is quite high i.e around 48%, But majority of the data seems to be based on large scale players. My question is what are the possible areas where we can apply it.

Please do share your thoughts.


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Re: Utilization of Blockchain technology in Farming sales/marketing

Two caveats: 1. I am not a farmer and 2. nor am I a blockchain technology (BT) expert. My own academic interest is in the field of decision making theories.

My original reason for researching BT was only to better understand how crypto-currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum worked in financial markets. That said, I think what you are looking for has either little or nothing to do with crypto currency exchanges, but maybe something to do with BT applications in the everyday agricultural world.

My short answer is that BT is a game changer for anyone wishing to hide or secure very deeply held super sensitive electronic data that you do not wish anyone else to see. This might include people who might also work at Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, recreational drug distributors, NSA, Walmart, Alphabet (Google), CIA, FBI, Facebook, your first wives, your parents, your kids, IRS, Interpol or MI6. Think of it as a supplement to the very best promised security features now found on current Cloud alternatives.

Whether that level of security actually applies to anything you do with your own farm operation, I have no idea. 

So, let me suggest George Gilder's book, Life after Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy (2018). In it, Gilder provides a layman's explanation for blockchain technology, its uses, and its applications. He is a fairly famous author so you might also catch one of his reviews of the book on Youtube as well. Good luck.

Just out of idle curiosity, what are some examples of high level security requirements in American agriculture that might require BT?

Tally ho,


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Re: Utilization of Blockchain technology in Farming sales/marketing

There are many loopholes for scammers in digital advertising. This leads to the fact that more than 50% of traffic is generated by bots, and advertisers lose more than $ 7 billion because of this. In the future, there will be other protocols for registering and verifying advertising campaigns, tracking impressions, and detecting malware. Tokens are awarded to sites for the attention of visitors to their content and users for viewing online advertising. I always buy XRP for my business to invest it in advertising. I won't say anything about the agricultural industry.

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Re: Utilization of Blockchain technology in Farming sales/marketing

advertising has largely been ignored in agriculture ..... the new progressive monopoly economy has rendered advertising worthless.

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