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Vilsack: Congress passes Farm Bill now, or we don’t get one

And it continues, and continues, and it continues. Makes it hsrd to do any cash Flow Planning. Article is below:




Vilsack: Congress passes Farm Bill now, or we don’t get one.


Ames, Ia. — U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in Ames today that if Congress doesn’t pass a Farm Bill soon, it will miss the chance to offer farmers the five-year plan they need.

Lawmakers would miss the chance to save money, too.

Vilsack has become increasingly frustrated over dragged out negotiations that still have not produced what he calls a “food, farm and jobs bill.”

He told attendees at an Iowa Farm Bureau Federation conference in Ames that extending the current Farm Bill would be extending failure. Parts of the Farm Bill need reformed, Vilsack added.

Vilsack later told reporters later that if Congress misses this window to approve the Farm Bill, recesses and impending elections will make it difficult to pass one at all. That would create widespread problems in programs.

Congress’ recent impasses have been partly over food stamp provisions, which Vilsack said belong in the Farm Bill and should not be cut as much as Republican lawmakers suggested.


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