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Re: Votes are "IN"

We have hope here in the USA - being number 2 working on 1st place in oil production globally - that should mean goodby deficet ?

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Re: Votes are "IN"

Depends on what percent of the GDP is from oil.

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Re: Votes are "IN"

That defines the problem------- we are not comparable,,,,, we are the worlds largest debtor.... and are bigger.  .........but in another comparison for Norway............


in external debt........  Norway is 19th world wide with 131K debt per capita.  Because the population is low sharing the oil wealth makes it seem like the economy is stable as long as the oil lasts......   Yet the debt of norway is 141% of the total GDP.



United states comparably has only 58K debt per person--- distorted by the large population........... But we are the worlds number one debtor nation, owing twice as much as the second place country.  an amount that makes up 106% of our GDP.  But debt is so large oil alone will not solve the problem.


Interestingly,,,,, 99 countries have higher debts as a country than Zimbabwe...  With only $600 of debt per person and having only 103% of GDP.   That's where you go if you want no debt and no gdp.......:)



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