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Re: WalMart Says Cage Free - Do You Care?

KSK --- according to New Age you gotta have a flock of chickens, goats won't count............until you got the chickens......  🙂


KSK, I admire your accomplishments.... most farmers are actually businessmen with some education   often in accounting, finance, or economics(maybe even ag econ)....

The chicken industry has been taken away from the farm for 40 years except in small survival terms, but that is how some folks define real farmers ...... bare survival...


I doubt that Walmart would be interested unless they forsee some serious volume behind the label....

And if there is serious volume involved there will be big production and money behind it....and a labeling definition that helps generate the volume.


There will be nitch markets, but if you want to put your kids through college, hand plucked chicken is gonna be a full time job with no benefits...and your kids won't have time for college.  Just like the good ole days..



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