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Was it smart for China to start trade war with us US?   

Their debt is +250% of GDP  (the US 105% of GDP).  Their gamble is the 2020 US election outcome, however can they be sure a Democrat will be less "protectionist than Trump"?  

China is 2 1/2 times in the "boat" that we`re in and our "solution" is to grow our way out of debt.  To grow, China has to sell.  And to sell  China has to sell and I don`t know where China gets to there without the US in the equation.  Brazil isn`t going to run a $400 billion trade deficit with them, that`s for damned sure.  

Here`s a interview with China shill Jimmy Rogers "farmers will drive Lamborghinis" ...he`s on the "farmers are old, farmers committing suicide, land is cheap in Japan land is cheap in India ...noooo one wants to be a farmer"  kick.  


Go to Iowa State campus and there`s a lot of young people that would love to farm and some will.   But it`s like "I want to be a automaker in the US".   You can`t roll out of bed one morning and be on the same footing as GM, Ford and Chrysler.  Maybe you have to get a job with Chrysler a few years, learn the ropes and venture out and gain capital to strike out on your own when conditions are right.  That`s the direction farming is, though capital requirements are still a little less than being a automaker   Smiley Happy

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Re: Was it smart for China to start trade war with us US?

IF America installs a Democrat...

If Hillary is installed (and she still appears to be planning to run), she is known to love banks, bankers, and global corporations who "donate" to her foundation.  She and Billy still have their sights on Russia (she can't go a day without mentioning Putin and/or Russia), so it would be a toss-up on whether Clinton declares actual war on Russia the very first day or just raids the White House like last time for more furniture.  She would definitely toss her P---Y hat into the large corporate ring, who wants into China so bad they can't see straight.  On the down side for Clinton, the other half of America will be clamoring for her impeachment beginning 30 days before her installation - turnabout is fair play, right?

If Warren or Bernie is installed, they will be so busy deconstructing America into full-blown Marxism that China will positively look capitalistic by comparison.  I doubt that China is even as communistic at this stage of the game as Bernie and Warren are and the Chinese themselves might be disturbed by the thought of either Crazy Bernie and/or Grey Beaver running the show.

If Buttigieg is installed, I can't imagine that he would be calling the shots, so would do whatever his handlers would demand....end sum again being the deconstruction of America.  (On the plus side, IF Buttigieg is installed, I get to call his followers "Butt-lickers" for the next 4 years .)



But I don't remember the last Democrat president who could be actually classified as a "protector of Americans" maybe EXCEPT Kennedy, so it would definitely be a crap shoot.

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Re: Was it smart for China to start trade war with us US?

And   this  swamp  drainage  thingy,    expected  to   take  place,   WHEN  - ?

&   IF   a   Demo.  gets  in ,  exactly  who'z  message  is  responsible  for  that  -   right  or  left -  ????????  

Draining  AG's  pockets  ,    so  everyone  can  have  an  imported  Chinese  Christmas  gala  at  the  un - tar-riffed  BIG  STORE  goods ,   was  whose  idea  -  ?   

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Re: Was it smart for China to start trade war with us US?

Is President Trump not taking on enough flak?   The swamp fights back!


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Re: Was it smart for China to start trade war with us US?

Can't clean up a swamp when the ones POTUS believed he delegated as swamp-drainers were actually Swamp-Creatures-in-Disguise.

Seriously, I truly don't think America is going to survive intact with 50 states because we sure aren't United in anything. 

People REALLY don't like each other anymore.  I do blame a LOT of that on media and politicians, but as individuals, we have to agree to be incorporated into their chaos for them to use us as pawns in their continuing war game of Own-The-Swamp.

Anyway, I vote we skip right over the New Civil War and proceed to divying up the states into like-minded regions.  I would move in a heartbeat to a less liberal country-state.  And no illegals allowed to play the game.

California - liberal

Florida - conservative

New York - liberal

Idaho - conservative

New Jersey - liberal

Texas - conservative

22 more liberal picks

22 more conservative picks

And totally dissolve Washington D.C. because nobody wants that as one of their picks.

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