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Re: Was your farm in the black in 2017?

SW  - A little  hint  on  GM , steadfast ideas of forever buyer membership ,  while the Toyota's show up in the Manufacturer Parking Lot --- 


The insider upper cast had already left town, while still having the flag wavers pretending there Wasn't a problem - PILLAGE  of the Castle. Fiddling in Rome, let them eat cake ,  what ever example you want--- I've witnessed the  ''' Top Brass ''' sliding out the back door & just happened to SELL their holdings before the roof comes tumbling in --- This might be more rule than exception when the dust settles - JUST MAYBE ? ?


The  exception  of  examples  happens  in  a  tsunami  years  like  1980 Fed Move, 2008  Wall Street ,  and a few examples like Bernie & a BroKe-rage Firm ---