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We asked for changes in RFS ?

Tweety said he wants the RFS settled, and live
With changes both asked for.

I don't remember a request.

Seems lop sided to me.

Maybe ag media need to do story on it, and
Attempt to explain how it works.
Might take a couple pages tho.
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Re: We asked for changes in RFS ?

Short answer -- Don't believe we (ag sector/ethanol/farmers) actually asked for any changes, although have been pushing for RFS consideration of 15% ethanol fuel blends year-round and/or more flex/fuel pumps, along with seemingly constant requests to get EPA and/or petroleum industry to comply with existing legislation, while petroleum industry continues to try to limit/change legislation, request waivers, and blame ethanol and/or RINs for anything that goes wrong.


Recent activity to change RIN requirements/pricing spearheaded by Sen Cruz putting a "hold" on Northey confirmation.  Hold lifted and Northey confirmed.  Information from news articles mixed regarding any "deal" that might have been made, if any, so far.  Although Trump and Perdue say they are supportive of the RFS, some of their statements appear wishy washy to me.


Here's a link that describes the RIN program --


Basically, refiners earn RIN credits by blending ethanol into the fuel mixture.  For refiners that do not blend, they are required to purchase RINs -- this is their incentive to blend, the more they refine and/or the higher the RIN cost, the higher the incentive to blend, it's sort of self-regulating.  Putting a cap on RIN pricing, as was proposed by the refiners, would limit the financial incentive to blend the fuel, and perhaps reduce ethanol blending, usage and eventual production, thus impacting corn demand, grain prices, ethanol producers, and farmer (& other) investments in ethanol production facilities, etc.


Here's recent article from this website --



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Re: We asked for changes in RFS ?

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Re: We asked for changes in RFS ?

Folks, this is really a bunch of s$#!.
I'm sorry, this thing is such a big smoke
And mirrors thing it isn't even funny.
Let me help clear the smoke

First, blended ethanol is not an ag policy, it is
An energy policy. How many of you remember
The fuel crisis of the 70's ??
We were held captive by the Arabs.
So we decided, as also a part of national security,
We would develop biofuels, mandatory energy
Conservation , energy star....we reduced the
Speed limit to 55, and not only did we save fuel,
But saved lives.

Dinglebarry....just why do you think we suddenly
Have more energy !!!!

Now on these RINs....they are supposed to
Be traded.....ok I want some to give me the
Link that has that trade.,..
Doesn't it have charts etc....and if it is a true
Market, then we should be able to participate,
After all everyone can be in the market

Now this so called market...just who are
The sellers of RINs...... refinerys !!!!!

I am certain there are refinery who blend out
Ethanol....they decide what they are going to
Sell them for (hey, it's a market)...they are not
Like us that have to take what is given...
Now who is to say, that the same refinery
Buys Rin, so they can do regular gas !!!!!

Folks.....the same people that are hollering
They pay out so much for RINs....are the
Same that are selling them !!!!!!!

Sure they want to limit RIN values.

Look at as a 10¢ penalty....hey we'll just give
You a stinking dime, that way we can just
Use our oil, not have to buy ethanol to blend,
And we can sell more of our oil in the form
Of gas.

Just think about it

It's as broad as it is high.....if you can see it

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Re: We asked for changes in RFS ?

cheapo  a lot of this issue is that stupid bureaucracy creation of being able to trade Rin tin tin's for dalmations and call it OK.....

California naturally buys their way out of legal obligations by purchasing dogs from the midwest.


Political bureaucracy just can't enforce a law without playing games with the rules so someones palme get greased and the payoff funds keep flowing.

It really has very little to do with quantity of ethanol produced.

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