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Re: We need funding, not prayers

ElCheapo, for 3 years I`ve seen you complain about wheat prices and the weather...and that is fine, but not once have I seen you single out and blame former Ag Sec Vilsack or Obama.   Now you`re blaming Sonny Perdue???  oh and of course President Trump.


So this "funding" what do you want, for Sonny Perdue to write you out a check?   Well, a lot of farmers will tell Sonny Perdue to not write out`s like the Allies and the Germans both having a Priest bless their planes in WWII, who should God listen to?


But our crop insurance guarantees are higher by 10¢ on corn and $1.30 on beans, fertilizer is much cheaper than last year.   So Perdue prays with farmers?  If you want him also to write out checks, then articulate that.