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Re: We need funding, not prayers

There won`t be a ARC payment in this county this year or the last following years either...this last farm bill is a disaster and a waste of money. 


But there was a time my hometown had 5 hardware stores, 3 implement dealers, 2 lumberyards and 4 grocery stores, but things change.  We have one-ish lumberyard, a hobby farm type store, no implement dealers and 2 remaining grocery stores.  People drive 30 miles and Walmart and Menards take the place of a lot of those hometown businesses.   People think nothing of driving 30 miles these days...well in Jackson, Wyoming the nearest Walmart is 1 1/2hrs away in Idaho Falls, that`s why I love the place, they have a little thing called the "Teton Mountains" that keeps them isolated  Smiley Happy


There was a time that my hometown had 3 or 4 vcr video rental places...well now one of the grocery stores has a "Red box" movie rental, did we have a obligation to keep the vcr rental places in business????


But what can the federal or state government do to stop this?   Other than sent some B-52 bombers to blow up big box stores, I don`t have any idea how you "help" these small communities.   Look, I tell you people quite often about putting tariffs on this cheap crap coming into the country which would make small town factories competitive again, that would draw families back to fill up the schools and small town cafes and diners.  And we finally have a guy in the White House that sees this obvious flaw our system has had.  But now all the handwringing about "Mexico won`t buy our corn!   China won`t buy our beans!"  ..Look When you sell your soul by tolerating $700 Billion annual trade deficits just to get an extra nickel on your corn and a extra dime on your get what you get.


In the 80`s when there was tough times on the farm, a farmer had a factory to get a part time job to help the farm income a little, today, whadda do?  Stock shelves at Dollar General or run the cash register at Caseys General Store?