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Re: We're all Chinese now....

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Well, some of you won`t want to hear this, but the chickens on "free trade" are coming home to roost.   I know it sounded good on paper 30 years ago, the theory being `we send our low but "living" wage jobs overseas and the 1 billion people in China will raise their income and buy a pound of bacon every morning.....OOOO Boy!!!$$$$$$$$$$`.


However, this deal with the devil to get a nickel more for our corn and sell more pork has turned into more people in the US on food stamps, more people unemployed and under-employed, more on welfare, more Democrat voters but that`s another story Smiley Wink


See, what we`re stuck with is people working 3 part-time jobs and still qualifying for government programs(I`m not for taking that government assistance away and starving them but we never had problems of this scale before free trade).  Basically we transfered the wealth of this nation, just so fat people with tattoos on their legs can buy $5 shirts at`s pretty obvious we got screwed.


China has to go somewhere with their `federal reseve notes` so it`s no surprise that the last colonial super power will try to buy up the 1st super power US.  They want pork that`s "Ractopamine free" and we being the smartest kids in the sandbox tell our customers to go pound sand.  In China`s case, they use their pocket change, buy our companies, then tell us to "pound sand".


Like the old joke: A lawyer dies and meets St Peter.  St Peter shows him Heaven which is nice but a little boring from what the attorney was used to.  So satan shows him around hell, there`s buxomy blondies serving drinks with little umbrellas, golfing, just everything he liked and was used to, so he tells St Peter, "No offense, Heaven is nice but I think I`d be better suited for hell".   So he`s send down to hell and it`s terrible flames and hot and miserable, so he asks satan "it was so nice the last time I was here what happened????"  Well satan says "Last time you were here, you were a recruit, now you are an associate!".   And that`s the way with free trade, for many years we were being recruited, now we are all "associates" or as Kay`s title says "Chinese".   If "it`s" inevitable, you might as well lay back and enjoy it. -T Boone Pickens