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What's the diff

between a gang of self serving corporate officers/directors and the Chicoms?


We already made our deal with the devil, what's the big deal now?


Actually I may be a bit unfair to the Chinese, only because I really don't know that much about them, but it is certainly true that corporations are sociopathic by nature.


The only things stopping them from turning you and your family into soylent green (if margins are positive)  is the rule of law/regulation and full transparency (might be bad for business if it got out).


As far as the livestock business goes, farmers, consumers and packers were pretty well served for a hundred years by our federal inspection system, which came about primarily through the efforts of muckrakers to bring transparency to the matter- Upton Sinclair comes to mind foremost.


Oh wait a minute. Today Sinclair would be in jail under an ag gag law and his work would be suppressed by the courts. It would be threatening "jobs" and "family farms."