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Re: We're all Chinese now....

You misread my post. What I said was that in the last couple of decades, we've lost a lot of infrastructure.  By that I include but don't lmiit it to the local packing plants and hog buying stations that have closed down.


By the riste of activist groups, I mean the increased presence of the groups you suggested such as PETA and HSUS and perhaps even ALF, but one must also include spontaneous and ad hoc activism which is more like NIMBY.  I don't think those groups had much to do with the demise of the infrastructure.  What I think is that the rebuilding of the infrastructure would be challenged at every level from the local community to the national by these groups.   Activism in this case does not mean a highly organized organization, it may mean simply a vocal and active group of local individuals with little or no structure.


Everyone who opposed starting or reopening a slaughter plant would mobilize local sentiment, use the courrts to drag out approvals, incite fear of immigration and draw in the EPA, just for starters.  We've seen this happen.


It would be nice to think the local farmer could raise hogs, maybe even pasture farrowing or some other method, at a level below the trigger level for opposition but where does he sell the fat hogs?


Those are the reasons I think that for the most part, Kay is right, that it would be hard to rejuvenate the diversified industry.  Maybe we oculd put in some CAFOs in western Kansas, but not so easily in eastern Iowa except in limited circumstances.