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We wonder why a problem in agriculture ??

I was in the coop wanting to get some stuff sprayed.
I wanted generic....due to cost.
I was informed that they (I thought it was we)
Do not use generic, due to nobody to stand
Behind it (never had a company pay me one
Red cent)...and the last...we must support them
So they will research and discover new chemistry.

So we have to pay even more ? Ever notice
How much new chemicals are
..perhaps this paying for product development.
Also, what about named company's making
Generics ????

This is from the largest coop in the nation

Yep..I've got to pay full price...low commodity
Prices, I'm having to use savings to supplement
My bill, which the pile is almost gone bad weather and bad crops.

But the bozos say that.

Funny, many prescriptions are generic...yet
Every day there are new drugs submitted
For approval.

Yep, it's all about the AG company's...chemical,
Seed, equipment, resellers, grain company's

And the agriculture media bangs the drum for
Them...even having a news article about a
New item for sale (that is an ad and paid for)

The whole agriculture industry says to hell
With the farmers.

They don't even know who their customers are.

They are all hookers....they go from farmer to
Farmer, once they drain the Money from one
They go on to next one.