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Weather in Northern Minnesota

Say, I was invited to go ice fishing on a lake up in Northern Minnesota tomorrow, but I see a blizzard warning is currently issued for the North-Western part of Minnesota. It is a long-shot that someone who will read this post lives in Northern Minnesota to give me a weather update for the current weather up there, but thought it was a shot in the dark to see if anyone reading this lives up there. The overnight temps for tomorrow night up there is supposed to be 35 below zero which is darn cold even for Northern Minnesota. Not sure ice fishing is the thing to be doing in a blizzard and 35 below zero temps. Maybe if we were very drunk, it might be ok since I know that drinking and ice fishing go hand in hand, at least the guys I go with seem to drink alot since the wives will not be there, and that is maybe the true pupose of ice fishing, to get away from the wife and to drink beer or whiskey. Anyway, if someone reads this and lives in Northern Minnesota could you give me a weather update. Thanks!!!!!