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Weighing the pros and cons of USDA

Looking at EWG websight revealed that I'm the 38 highest recipient of subsidies in my county. Funny think there are only about 15 farmers in this county that farm as much or more than I do.
That got me thinking about the tabacco Buyout. There were only about ten people raising tobacco in our county at the time. Dad did get his annual payment but none of the other "perks". I think a hundred people got grain equipment, livestock iquipment, and lime. When dad went to the office a week after the notice came in the mail they sai that the counties money was already given out. When I aske one guy I went to school with how his family got so much out of it he said they singed up a long time before when dad got the letter.
That got me to thinking about a few farms I tried to research through the FSA office. Three of the the four were rented to other people at the last minute. One was singed back up for CRP. without the land owner knowing?!!! The other two were ground that had been hay and pasture for years. I have to be suspicious of why ground that no one wanted to farm until I asked about it gets rented by someone else.
Soooo I'm thinking I'm done with the USDA and FSA. As I mentioned in another post I don't get near as much money as some on here seem to. RSW keeps saying his direct payment is $20 per acre mine is only about $5 for some reason.
I'm not saying there is some sort of corruption in my county office or at the USDA. But..... Just aperance of it is enough for me not to deal with them any longer.
BTW: this may be my first rant on here. Hope I didn't cut to deep.
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Re: Weighing the pros and cons of USDA

Rant on Buck, speaking for myself only, I like hearing others rants.  Funny you mentioned corruption of the USDA programs.  I can't remember how many acres were involved, but when the CRP program initially came into existence, there was one landowner in my area that ripped out land that had been in pasture probably forever, I mean literally forever.  Spent 1 or 2 years cutting down trees and removing stumps acting like he was trying to make it productive only to purposely fail, and he succeeded.  Year #3 came along and he bid it into CRP for Gov. Payments, and it was accepted.  That particular parcel of land to my understanding has be rebid into the CRP program 2 additional times and has been accepted each time.  You tell me who is at fault, the USDA or the land owner?

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