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Re: Welcome to wright county Iowa

IMO, a large % of farmers realize that one doesn't loose to help someone else win.

I have known and witnessed several occasions when an established farmer made an unconventional choice and benefited not only a new young farmer, but also his own family.

The simple decisions are the ones where one gains and one looses.  But good community leaders go beyond that to find the decisions where the most gain.  

I am grateful that this thread is not representative of the community I live in.  

I have seen many instances when talent was recognized and a young farmer without backing got a start.------- And seldom at the expense, but more often to the gain of the older farmers family.


The older established landowners have tough decisions.  And those decisions affect family and communities.


Young wanta be farmers have an opportunity either way.  Don't grab debt for a flashy new pickup and spend your time driving around the community trying to impress the older decision makers.  Find a solid employer you can learn from.  Get more education that improves your life in several careers.  Be frugal, show you can handle the smallest responsibilities.  Be a good community participant.  etc 


Give the retirees good choices.  And respect their choices.  

What a dream it would be for a couple of retired farmers to be able to say over coffee. "Man there are a several good young guys in the area.  It was a tough choice."


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Re: Welcome to wright county Iowa

I really enjoy your sarcasm, Kraft.  You make some very good points as well. 


Some points to make on a couple issues, though.  I am good friends with some BTO's that are the best people you would want to meet and associate.  They respect my opinions because they've worked alongside on boards and committees.  I also respect their opinions as well, because they are thinkers, doers and practical people.  Commonsense flows from their minds like water.  They are honest, hard working individuals that would do anything to help a neighbor in need.  They are good family men who are of good character that are model citizens in every aspect.  Who would not want to be around that?


Having said that, I also know other BTO's that are arrogant, snobbish, elitist people that think there is only one way to find a solution; theirs.  They are generally disliked by their employees, loyal only because they fear losing their job.  Every conversation becomes a p*ssing contest to prove to all who is the biggest operator of them all.  


These instances aren't speculations from hear-say, they are based on realtime experiences.


This last group of farmers have forgotten who helped them get to the big dance.  They forget the sacrifices their Great, great grand parents made to establish a foothold in a strange new world where they had to break out the prairie sod and get crops in and harvested before the first winter.  In my community, the early settlers lost hundreds of family members to starvation, disease and poor crops, yet they persisted and eventually prospered.  Now, these arrogant farmers believe the myth that they built their mammoth operation from the ground up, with their own two hands. 


 So, there's two sides of the same coin.  And there you have it.

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Re: Welcome to wright county Iowa

Excellent post!

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