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Re: What -- ARE--- GMO's ??

Education(actual knowledge gained) on the subject has been largely limited to ..... don't question what you are told...


Seriously ECIN,  The public can get a high school education just by showing up.  There isn't even a home economics course let alone 3 science requirements............ are so "entertained" by sports and games that most curiosity to learn is gone,  couple that with the huge increase in the expectation of government to take care of our problems.   And the advancement of women to feel great with being as stupid as men.  Hand them all a Big screen TV with 120 channels 24/7,  "smart" phone and a the internet for information storage......... and the human brain starts squeeking if it has to think about diner or anything other than me stuff.  Information storage is nearly unnecessary.   and don't you dare force a child to improve his reading skills.

No one has critical thinking skills (questioning what you hear or read)....and it is hard without a good basic education.


For as many patents and intillectual property issues as there are at major chemical companies, there has been a lot of information available........ even a wiki page is very informative....... No one has tried hard to hide the issue.  Companies have provided a lot of information to anyone interested in seed technology.  When I was in high school several someones got a Nobel prize for the interpretation of the genetic code and our biology class discussed it the week it happened, and read theories on the subject.  That was 57 years ago.  


The general public has got to have a desire to learn and decide on what is best for their families.  But we would rather believe in an infomercial.  We have been taught to be lemmings running from one protest to another playing with our I-phones and staring on social media..... The one thing that is precious in life is "Time"...... and we blow it off in many new technical ways........We have built our economy on it....


It won't change as long as the water heats up slowly.....