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What Has Farm Aid Done For You Lately?

The 30th annual Farm Aid concert put on by Willy Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews had a good time Saturday roasting Big Ag in front of about 20,000 people.  It's all their fault.  Monsanto-Bayer is a major target.  

I don't personally know anyone Willy has given any money to.  As for the other three, unless  you're 60 or more years old you've never heard of them.

Pardon my skepticism about a charity that doesn't seem to publicize it's donee list.  Kind of like all the non-profits whihc are indeed non-profit, but if you're the CEO you are making half a million dollars so you can sell something as a non-profit.  Not bad wages for not making any money.

For my part, add this to another in the list of celebrities who try to trade on their name to promote an idea or on an idea to try to promote their name.

Willy is pretty successful for being an Outlaw.  Maybe we farmers should jsut be outlaws, too.  Sorry for rambling on, I'm trying to figure out what Willy has done for any of you out there - can I get some first person attestation that you got some money from Farm Aid?  (I know you didn't get any from Monsanto - but you didn't expect any.)