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Re: What Holidays Do You ACTUALLY Observe?

Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, if planting is done and hay is started. Fourth of July if I'm not at the factory. It seems to be a good time for them to shutdown for repairs. Like to do a big family cookout Labor day as a kind of end if summer/per-harvest celibration. Even the holidays I work through I usually tri to take time to reflect on what the significance is. Hallowen with kids (3 and6 years old) is pretty big right now.
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Re: What Holidays Do You ACTUALLY Observe?

With government offices,banks and what ever else I'm forgetting about being closed for what seems to me like a ridiculous amount of "Holidays", it doesn't really madder if we observe them or not, but we are affected by them.

There are a lot of days that have historical significance that we've come used to calling holidays, but in my opinion they aren't holidays at all. Without trying to be biased to any, Haloween comes to mind.

I'm a traditional kind of guy, "my" holidays are listed below.

New Years Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day

I hope I haven't forgotten any. This is only my personal holiday list. My off the farm job has a different list that they observe, similar but still a little different, they have been running 24/7/365 since 1965 so do they really observe any holiday? To answer that question, only the office jockeys, but the rest of us get paid well for working on a holiday.
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Re: What Holidays Do You ACTUALLY Observe?

I only observe holidays with the word "day" in them. such as...










Any other holi"day" is just another day to work.

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Re: What Holidays Do You ACTUALLY Observe?

You think the U.S. has a lot of holidays, check out this list of Japan's:


Holidays for spring equinox, childrens day, coming of age day, culture day, and the likes.  They are all taken seriously too.  Businesses and Gov offices closed but the bars are open to celebrate!

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