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What a predicament

Helicopter Ben is criticised for quantity easing printing trillions of dollars to keep our economy from a collapse. In part responsible for $3k land bweing wrth $10k or more. Here is our problem. Will inflation continue or will deflation be the order for the future. Our land values may drop but cash is poor investment. Or we could convert our over inflated land to cash but gasp! we would have to capital gains taxes. Either way we lose.


It makes one wonder if our good fortune is really good fortune. But warren is considered an oracle because he is mostly goven credit for investing peoples money in assets that inflate in value. Some folks must think that inflation is good.


So why is our economy in jeopardy now? Perhaps because the taxpayer's boat is not rising with the rest. Who are businesses and companies going to sell their product to with inflationary prices and labor stuck with stagflation. No money to buy inflated goods. In our zeal to oppress labor we are diminishing our consumer base.


 Oh I know, it is better to ignore these consumers and find new ones.. Unfortunately, we are not successful at that either. The balance of trade is a great indicator of that. Thus our consumers are driven to walmart and imported goods because american goods are not affordable. And corporate profits are our ultimate goal.


But corporations don't want to pay taxes and neither do their stockholders. So who are we going to tax? Labor with deflationary labor rates/


So as near as I can tell we don't like inflation and are afraid of deflation. We don't want to pay taxes. We want people without income to pay taxes and we don't want to provide them with a job or pay them for working. So tell mehow in the world are they supposed to pay their share when they don't have a share of the economy?


The answer: a transaction tax. A tax that cannot be avoided if you do any business. A dollar changes hands it gets taxed. How do you avoid that tax? Sit on you wealth and do any transaction. Except when you die your assets cannot be transfered without a transaction tax



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