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Re: What do farmers want?

I think those that voted for Trump have callouses and dirty fingernails, they understand that the high prices we had "cured high prices" and there isn`t enough money or public sentiment to bail us out as was the case when the national debt was 1/3 of what it is today.


Those that write ag stories have been worked over at liberal colleges and want the TPP, NAFTA and open immigration (they can`t coherently tell you why it`s a good idea, but "smart people" tell them it`s a good idea so they support all that crap).  So when they write stories, they put the thumb on the scale that supports their globalist view.  And although rural America went 2/3ths for Trump, there`s plenty in the 1/3rd pool of sad sacks that will whine to anyone with a fedora, notepad and pen about how "the government has to do something!!!".   They don`t know or more precisely admit what they want, but I have a feeling they want to basically "have their cake and eat it too".