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Re: What do farmers want?

Let's organize those thoughts this way  so I can keep it "civil"....



1)  Most farmers who voted for this president profess to want the government to stay out of their business..... True or false?   ____False__  I think most farmers who voted against "political party" control of government, do see a viable limited regulatory place for federal government in agriculture.  Food safety comes to mind along with export inspection and exchange standards.  But most see way too much preaching on political agenda and eligibility opinion in their local FSA offices and way too much fear of job preservation.... I think usda has purpose and yet I think the county FSA office's end has come.  Redefine purpose to USDA, we have converted it to a welfare office by legislation run by those who fear retribution for ever changing regulation mistakes.


2) Or maybe its the ag media and commodity organization lobbyists whose jobs hinge on government involvement that are afraid of being ignored. True or ---_true, most definitely true....... farmers are dissapointed that farm organizations and media cuddle up to government for life sustenance,  as though government provides more security than the agriculture community or the public itself....  We have reached a point where the federal budget is more sought after than the public economy.  No where shows that more than the magazines or the "Talk" in these "hard drives".  Those who voted for trump understand that ..... they generally do not have government jobs.


3)  Is it time to "fire" the farm organizations?   True.....but false..... They do not work for farmers,  They work for credibility and that is easier attained Lobbying Washington and "authoring" something than expressing how many farmers you represent or touring Iowa to see what the "mood" is....


4)  Are they out of touch with what farmers really want?   T or F   ______Yes ... Farm Bureau for example is more aware of what environmental lobby is after than what best serves agriculture.  Too many don't see Washington but the grab for public dollars.  the Porkers of the 1960's and still going to washington to bring home the pork... 


5)  Or is "get the government out of ag" just lip service?  T or F  _____False........ No they mean it.  Because most farmers and citizens who voted for Trump have given up on Washington surviving poplitical corruption.  Politics that cannot accept defeat or admit ever making a mistake.  Politics smarter than everybody else.... especially the voters... Politics that does not serve the farmer or the public at the FSA counter, but passes judgement on his business, his potential as an entity,  and his eligibility as a human in farming.  


We live in wonderful times but the federal government through usda still lives in the political fog of the 1960's  and our farm media is food media nothing more. 

farm organizations...... not enough members left to be vital....



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