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Re: What do farmers want?

Farming is so specialized these days that "you can`t please everyone".  15yrs ago the cotton & rice Foghorns didn`t want "subsidy payment limitations", the 1,000 acre Iowa farmer didn`t want his tax money going to fund the Bigshots getting bigger.  A corn & bean jockey puts up a $1 million McMansion and doesn`t want stinky CAFOs ruining his quality of life.  The cow/calf guy wants his crop farming neighbor to fix the right hand of the boundary fence as was always customary, while he wants his neighbors to bear the cost of taking OUT the fence so with his Ez-steer he can get another 2 rows.  I could go on but you get the idea, how do you keep all them happy simultaneously? 


The Farm Bureau walks that line pretty well, the Iowa Farm Bureau is at odds on certain issues with the American Farm Bureau and we make it work.  The NFO used to use the pejorative of "The Farm Bureau is a insurance company that happens to have a farm organization", that isn`t true, the investments and insurance is totally separate from the farm organization, it is completely grass roots.


What you have to remember is those questionnaires that you members get in the mail, that you throw in the trash can??   Well, guess what someone fills them out and sends them in and it`s usually retired landlords...well there you go, the policies are formed by those that make their voice heard.   And that 80yr old landlord, remembers raising hogs in a 4 pen hog house, he doesn`t want a 5,000hd finisher 1/4 mile upwind of him...and that is his right to that opinion.


Those that have insurance have a Farm Bureau membership, but they can`t vote unless engaged in farming and that`s pretty loosely enforced, I mean "collecting rent checks" is actively engaged in farming...well, it`s okay with me because I tend to have a lot in common with the oldtimers   Smiley Happy


I hate to say it but one day a vegetarian housewife Farm Bureau Insurance customer in Connecticut might wake up one day and say "Hey wait a minute, I pay $60 in membership to a outfit that defends putting sows in gestation crates????".