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Re: What do farmers want?

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You well define the problem.


People without experience or wisdom with opinions.  Especially in agriculture.  300+ million people in the US have an opinion of food production.  And the 150,000 farmers couldn't be heard over the top of them if they wanted to.

Keep that grass roots dream if you want to but Farm Bureau as a lobby listens to that housewife more than those farmers.  

Farm Bureau wants to be right and knows the votes have to be there or you just look like a contrarian.....Smiley Happy  i have experience on this topic.

Mike probably thinks I blame media for everything, but we gotta stop telling each other that every opinion counts.  They don't.

And when they do.... nothing gets done in new and inventive ways, we accomplish almost nothing.  Review the farm bills since 1970 and search for the great accomplishments that enhanced agriculture.  Then list all the wonderful changes in agriculture since 1970.  They are many but nearly all came from private enterprise, not government programs.


We elect representatives to make legislation and regulation and we shouldn't complain about taxes when we expect to be coddled by government at every stress point.  But money for lobby from the farm is totally waisted.  The last several years point it out clearly.  Who does congress call on when it needs answers and ideas.  The ag service industry and our out dated education system.