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Re: What do farmers want?

Well, at the county level in the FB, there`s maybe 12 directors that are elected by county members and are ACTIVE farmers.  The "policy development committee" fixes out a questionnaire and each member in the county gets one vote on each of maybe 30 issues.   The results are tabulated and the "voting delegate" from the county takes those answers to those issues and represents the county at the state level.  In Iowa the 99 counties develope the resolutions for the state and that goes to the national convention for the Farm Bureau that`s somewhere warm in the middle of the winter.   Smiley Happy


It`s grass roots, because...I`ll put this delicately as possible SW..."We ain`t all Bigshots" okay?    Smiley Happy       I will say this only 5%-10% of the county answers those questionaires that we send out, the demographics are older farmers, many don`t have livestock and are within 5yrs of retiring...that is who answers the questions and those answers are what goes to the state convention.


The thing is a 75yr old Iowa farmer probably does have similar views on "Big Ag Inc" as his 50yr old daughter in Connecticut and his 25yr old grand daughter in California.  He tastes confinement pork and thinks it`s crap compared to the home butchered pork when he was a kid, he laments that factory farm eggs need to be doused in pepper and butter to get any taste.  His grand daughter buys natural and organic, his daughter is a member of a CSA.  So, although he votes Republican, he doesn`t like the direction of industrialized agriculture.


But I will say this, if you don`t like the direction of the Farm Bureau, become a county board member and make your voice heard, I know they are always looking for board members.  And the thing is the "Regional Managers" want Bigshots, I have personally witnessed groveling after Bigshots with offers of trips and all kinds of stuff.  But Bigshots don`t want the job, they`re too busy rakin` it in $$$$   It`s the medium size farmer that shows up and promotes agriculture, ag in the classroom and ethanol and trade and pubic education where the food comes from.

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