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Re: What ever happened to trumps health insurance plan ?

Great entry Packard.......,

You forgot that small list of national Pharmacy chains that got the federal healthcare nod as the places to get the lower prices for medicare drugs, so your locally owned nieghborhood drug store looses.  Should have raked in a lot of political contributions with that decision.  I still pay a little more to support my neighbor..... my form of political unrest.

They're all smarter than i am.  







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Re: What ever happened to trumps health insurance plan ?

BA just where do you propose to cut cost to make
Healthcare cheaper. ??
Let's just talk some numbers
Let's start with we can see things almost everyone has went digital.
No more rooms full of films, can pull up a x-ray quick,
Need to send someone on, just give them a CD.
With the new software we can sometimes clean
Up the image
..and maybe the best, within 20 minutes or less a group like stat rad will read and give a report.
You can use old tech to generate the x-rays, but
The new digital screens are the key
For s portable unit, screen software you are pushing
$80,000 or more
Want a CT...used set up 32 slice is $100,000
(Understand we are now past 256 slice)
Also figure in maintenance minimum $20,000
Ok...lab...if small clinic you might squeek by
With a dry lab POC equipment...abaxis piccolo
Basic chem $11,000, hemotology a star system
For about $10,000, throw in dip stick urine
Test $700, stat blood gas, pH, lytes i-stat $7000.
Then some special units for bnp, tymp and
Others, minium $5000.
If you cant use dry, then nice hemotology
Is $30,000 or better, chem, at least $50,000.

Ok let's go to ER...lifepack 15, used $12,000
Add in suction, vent, table, lighting and a
Assortment of instruments. Minium $50,000

Ok...we can't handle you, must ship out,
A modest ambulance is $80,000 or better,
Equipment radios, cot, supplies minium
$25,000. Add something special like
A thumper $15,000 minium

Understand this is all must have
Supplies and reagents...

Oh forgot buildings, additional equipment and
Supplies, staff, benefits, utilities.

Oh...need to have a doctor or two around too.

Just where do we start ????
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Re: What ever happened to trumps health insurance plan ?

One thing that I could talk more about without being too controversial is that US wages haven`t kept pace with medical costs.   But it`s taboo to talk about "wages inflation", this is that cost of shipping out the good jobs and moving to a service based economy.   The thing is, every living wage job moved overseas and replaced with a Walmart job, that`s a family that has to got on public medical assistance in many cases.   There`s part of that phantom cost of having foreign countries do your work for you.


Up until about 1980 around here many if not most towns over 2,000 population had a hometown hospital and doctors made house calls, health insurance for a small family was maybe $1,000/yr.   That "inefficient" model of "too many healthcare workers per patient" was working pretty damned good.   Today a doctor sees 15 patients a day, about half hour per patient the doc sees you 10 minutes and the rest of "your half hour" is the nurse asking if "you`re safe in your home?" and the phlebotomist drawing blood to do $1,000 in see the doctor 5 or 10 minutes and they`re off to the next patient.   Doctors hate it, patients hate it, clinic workers hate it and everything costs literally 100 times more than it used to.


I like to use "baselines" from when things won`t until they didn`t and see what went wrong.  There`s many differences in today`s sickcare than the healthcare of 40yrs ago when things worked and were affordable.   People are weaker, look at everyone dying from the flu these days, used to be chicken pox and mumps was no big deal (I had both when I was a kid and happy to be off school for 10 days   Smiley Happy   ) but hell these days they act like kids die from mumps and chicken pox.   We sweeten everything with High Fructose Corn Syrup instead of good old sugar and the obesity problem is through the roof.   There`s a lot of obvious things that have gone haywire in the last 40yrs.  All these damned vaccines ain`t doing us any good either...well, Big Pharma says you need shots for everything these days, it`s a wonder the human bodies are capable of holding water without leaking with all them damned holes poked in `em.

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Re: What ever happened to trumps health insurance plan ?

Guess we will continue the waiting for the announcement -  B C E c, better , cheaper, everyone covered  ---

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