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What happens in Woden..

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Here is a picture of the beans planted 2 weeks ago today. The 2 plants on the left are approximately 1/2 inch from cracking. The other 3 plants were pulled to view root development. All looks well but a little heat will get them out of the ground in a couple days. They do appear to have survived the 2 nights of temps in the very low 20's. I will keep updating as time goes on. Weird saying this from NC Iowa on April 14th but the radar map looks good for a solid rain in a few hours. We need it...MikeM


2012-04-14 11.04.23.jpg 


2012-04-14 11.04.32.jpg


For most people in the Woden, Iowa community, a Saturday in March is just another Saturday. Well, for two people, this Saturday was different. Idalivered(John) contacted me(MikeM) yesterday. He was looking for a fuller season bean to plant; probably next week. I had some and figured why wait till next week. Let's get some planted in March.


2012-03-31 15.39.48.jpg


2012-03-31 15.40.46.jpg


2012-03-31 15.41.07.jpg


With the recent data released from the USDA yesterday, John decided it was time to get some beans in the ground and forget about corn. The risk is frost and the reward will not be known until this fall.



This year, lawns have been mowed, Treflan applied, corn on corn ground been knocked down, NH3 getting applied, you name it. Other years, one would hope for a freeze to haul manure or scrape feeding floors. Who knows what this coming year will bring. But in the small community of Woden, Iowa with a street that North Iowa Farmer claims he will fill with corn..


2012-03-31 15.41.07.jpg


John and I wish all of you a Happy Easter and a very safe planting season


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