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What if ??

been watching several message boards comments.......and mixing in what some of the advisors are saying, along with some of the data

from USDA, and some comments made by usda and federal reserve.


What if....according to what I've reading, that we have another good crop this year, in wheat, corn and soybeans.....the fed reserve still believes

things are not good, and some of the usda people are now saying, they don't see a commodity price turn around for perhaps another

10 years !!!!

everyone is telling us there is plenty of grain.....and looking at good stuff from south America, and maybe here in the USA.


if all is true, we are not going to see prices get better.......factor in rising production costs....and cost of living.......and healthcare cost,

that might blow all the other expenses out of the water..........where do we go ?


I don't think many can take much more, another year many will fall.......and two years...even more...and no profit for 3 straight years ???